Creative Card Box Ideas for Quinceaneras

Jazmin Alvarez

News flash! Card boxes are the latest quinceanera trend that are being placed in the reception for guests to drop in cards or money as they enter. So if you need some words of inspiration during the emotional transition or simply want some cash to go on a shopping spree, then you might want to consider setting up a card box.


If you’re wondering where to purchase one of these clever creations, has a huge selection. But you can easily turn it into a fun DIY project. All you need to do is find boxes around your house and get your decor ready.

Find the perfect card box according to your Quinceanera theme!


For an under the sea theme, your card box should be decorated with sea shells, star fish, mermaids, or colorful beads to resemble a treasure chest.



Your vintage theme calls for delicate flowers and pastel colors. Bird cages have been a popular option for card boxes and all you need to do is glam it up with ribbons or flowers of your choice. Suit cases are also super cute and you can stack them up as layers so your guests don’t miss it.


All you need are cardboard boxes to recreate the famous Tiffany Blue jewelry box. This is a simple DIY project that you can do at home with your friends and your guests will fall in love!



Purple and blue are the most popular masquerade colors! Decorate your card box with a sparkly mask, feathers, and don’t forget to sprinkle some glitter.

masquerade cardbox 2



The glass slipper is a must on a Cinderella-inspired card box! Add sparkly brooches and butterflies to drop jaws.

cinderella cardbox


Paris is the city of romance and your card box should convey just that. The iconic Eiffel Tower, pink roses, and delicate lace are all wonderful thematic elements that will make everyone fall in love.

paris cardbox


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