DIY Quince Centerpiece: Affordable, Easy,and Elegant!

Giselle Guerra


center piece 1

Try this do it yourself at home and save big cash! This beautiful floral centerpiece is quick to do and the materials needed are widely accessible. 


. Glass Vase

. Crystal Water Beads

. Submersible Tea Lights

. Artificial Flowers

. 3″ Craft Foam Ball

Step 1: 

Poke your artificial flowers through the craft foam ball. Make sure it’s completely covered and no visible foam is peeping through. 

Step 1

Step 2: 

Soak your crystal water beads in water the night before to allow them to grow and expand! The morning of your event, fill your vase. You’re almost done! 

Step 2

Step 3: 

Add your submersible tea lights facing down. Now watch the water beads glimmer and glow! 


Step 4: 

Place your finished floral ball on top, and you’re done! Watch your guests “ooo” and “aww” with the sight of this gorgeous, eye catching creation! 



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