Do-It-Yourself Quinceanera centerpieces for your party

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Quinceanera centerpieces do not have to be extravagant designs with cascading flowers and exotic blooms. Your centerpieces can wow your guests without putting a giant dent in your wallet. Here are five ideas for making a tabletop stunner for your Quinceanera party on a budget.

DIY Succulent table centerpiece

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1) Stunning succulents 

Succulent plants like cactuses, blue rose echeverias, and aloe vera plants can add a rustic vibe to your Quinceanera party. Think inside of the flower box and plant soil within a gardening box. Add moss on top for greenery and place the succulent plants about one to two inches away from each other. Now your guests can enjoy an oasis of flowers on their tables.

pumpkin DIY centerpiece

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2) Fall festivities

If your Quinceanera party lands during the autumn months, bring the outdoor seasonal decor indoors with pumpkins for your Quinceanera centerpieces. Paint pumpkins with interesting shapes in colors of metallic gold, sparkling silver or radiant pink. You can also cut out the inside of a pumpkin and add fresh flowers attached to florist foam.

Fresh fruit centerpiece

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3) Fresh fruit 

To add a sweet note to your Quinceanera centerpieces, add fruit depending on the season. Place the assorted fruit in the center of the table for a variety of color and scents!


Lantern DIY centerpiece

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4) Garden lanterns

For a quaint vibe, place lanterns around patches of green moss or flowers. For a fairy-tale themed Quince, add pebbles and small figurines of forest animals.

Fruit DIY centerpiece

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5) Citrus centerpieces

For this citrus-themed decoration, take slices of lemons, oranges and grapefruits and place them in clear glass containers. Fill the containers with water and fresh cut flowers in colors of yellow or orange. Your guests will enjoy the combination of citrus and floral fragrances.

For more Quinceanera centerpiece inspiration, check out our Centerpiece board on Pinterest.


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