Quinceañera Ideas for Linens

Jose Francisco Sanchez

Picture a party with naked tables and chairs. What a nightmare! This is why covers for chairs and tables play an important role in your Quinceañera decorations and are a party element that is  important to remember, but often forgotten.


The basic colors for decorative linens are white, black and ivory, plus the additional accessories and  bows that help bring them to life, which are usually in the same color as your Quinceañera dress.

But according to Jenny Garay, owner of J&D Events, a Quinceañera decorations and planning company in South Gate, CA, during Spring most Quinceañeras request blue, purple and pastel colors. “However,” he adds “the most recent novelty is to use a different color for each table to create a fun and colorful environment.”

As far as covers for chairs, there is no problem choosing a neutral color since the trends today are huge bows as accessories in contrasting colors for the back of chairs. You can choose satin, chiffon and even lace, in solid colors or elegant and fun patterns.

There are plenty of venues offering this service once you sign a contract with them. “A package for 300 guests includes table and chair linens with bows and diamond accessories in each table for $300,” added Garay.

Since a party’s decoration is fundamental for it to be a grand success, when it comes to linens do not settle for less and choose something striking for your decorations.

Jose Francisco Sanchez

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