Cute centerpieces made from glass bottles

Easy DIY Quinceanera Centerpieces

Grecia Hernandez

Some DIY projects end up being super expensive and extra complicated, definitely not a thing you want when planning your Quinceanera.

Because DIY is supposed to be fun, cheap and creative, here is our input..


Brace yourself for five DIY Quinceanera centerpieces that are affordable, fast and easy to create!

Don’t need to be crafty, it’s all about creativity!


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Painted Beer Bottles

Get your hands on left over beer bottles and paint them with fast-drying spray in the colors of your Quince. These match with a shabby chic Quinceanera.


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Decorated ornaments on a vase

An excellent, inexpensive and efficient centerpiece idea for a Winter Wonderland Quince is to place ornaments in the colors of your fiesta on vases of different sizes.


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Upside down Centerpieces 

You need four elements to recreate these unique, minimalistic DIY Quinceanera centerpieces: wine glasses, short candles, flat plate and flowers of your choice. Ideal for a Parisian Quinceanera!


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Laced Up Mason Jar

For a cutesy Boho Chic Quinceanera, try mason jars from the 99 Cent Store and decorate them with lace and a tiny bow. Add baby breath and one or two flowers to match your Quince theme.


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Lollipop Heaven

And if you’re having a Candyland Quinceanera, there is no yummier centerpiece than this one right here! You can raffle it amongst your guests at the end of your party to avoid sugar crazy kids from pulling lollipops during your Quince reception.


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