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Eternal Elegance: Breaking Tradition with a Dark Color Theme

Yoana Estrada

Did you suggest having a Halloween Quinceanera? Although, sadly your mom instantly said, “no!” Well, if this is the case, you can thank us later because it seems this article was made especially for you!

We’re giving black, it’s a well-deserved moment as we merge the elegant tone with this month’s theme. Take a look at the following ideas for a more elevated and elegant quince theme.  

Eternal Elegant Black Dress 

Black makes everything more elegant and classier! Consider one of the following dresses to break both traditions and necks.

Sophisticated Makeup  

Less is more when it comes to makeup! Especially, at your quince. When picking a makeup look, it’s important to pick one feature to highlight. For example, you can pick a bold lip or make a statement with your eyes. 


Drop Dead Gorgeous Decorations 

There’s just something about the color black that can elevate any situation. Consider adding hints of gold or white to give your table decorations a pop of color! 


Cultivating Cakes 

Details darling! It’s all about the details! Make your black cake, pop by adding pearls, roses, or branches as cake toppers.

Yoana Estrada

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