Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust: Host a Tinkerbell Themed Quince Party


Tinkerbell is one powerful pixie. She’s sassy, she fights for what she wants and she doesn’t take no for an answer—she can definitely be your inspiration for your Quince party! Here are five ways to spread some pixie dust at your Quince.


1. Frosty Mint Quince Dress


Tinkerbell is known around the world for her iconic green dress. Tink’s might be more lime green, but you can still channel her signature color with this minty fresh dress from the Morilee collection. Wear your hair in a style similar to her bun and add a blue ribbon to your outfit if you want to go full-on Tinkerbell.

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2. Tinkerbell Wings Pendant

Zales-Diamond-Necklace-Tinkerbell-bowing-to-shooting-star-made-of-sterling-silverSparkle with some pixie dust shine thanks to this Tinkerbell necklace pendant from the Enchanted Disney line at Zales. This sterling silver necklace has Tinkerbell bowing down touching a floating star diamond. How enchanting!

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3. Tinkerbell Tiara

Girl's hand holding up a TInkerbell tiara with the Peter Pan ride in the background

Look like a true pixie princess with this tiara with pearls and light green emerald stones. The tiara is so lovely, you won’t need cascading curls or much of a hairstyle to add emphasis to this tiara. Just put your hair in a Tinkerbell bun and you’re done!

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4. Emerald Green Heels


Tinkerbell wears flat shoes with two little cottonball-like figures on them. For a grown-up version of these shoes, try these emerald green heels with sparkly stones swapped out for the furry cotton. The style allows you to dance your surprise and waltz dance in them!

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5. Twinkling Tink Cake

Tinkerbell-layered-cake-found-on-Pinterest-by-Antonella-Di-MariaTransport your Quince guests to a fairyland courtesy of this Tinkerbell Quince cake. Your bakery can put a field of wildflowers as the base and have Tinkerbell sitting on the top.

Photo Credit: Pinterest/Creator Antonella Di Maria


Would you have a Tinkerbell themed Quince party? Let us know in the comments!

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