Feathers, feathers and more feathers

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Feathers, feathers and mroe feathers

We’ve talked about feathers as alternatives to tiaras, but now we’re taking it up a notch to feathers as your overall quince theme. In your bouquet, in your dress and incorporated into you centerpieces, feathers, feathers and more feathers will give your quinceañera party that over-the-top diva look that will have your guests talking about you party for generations to come.

In your dress
On your top, on the skirt or as a simple embellishment, feathers can be placed anywhere on your dress to achieve a red-carpet ready look. For a minimal touch of feathers, a detail on the bust area can bring attention upwards towards your face and may also replace the need to wear a necklace. If incorporated in your skirt, a more dramatic effect will be achieved. If you’re indecisive as to which style you would prefer, start by selecting a dress of your choice and then work with your seamstress to decide on the proper feather placement for that specific style of gown.

In your bouquet!In your bouquet
The quince bouquet is a special keepsake in the sense that in most cases it’s kept as a family heirloom. In the case of a feather-themed quince, your bouquet will definitely be a heirloom that future quinceañeras in your family will look forward to receiving. It can be difficult to decide where to place the feathers amongst the flowers of your choice, but after a few trial and errors you’re sure to find the perfect balance of feathers and flowers that suits your personal taste. Some ideas include creating an outer layer of feathers that surround your basic floral bouquet or feathers placed in between the bouquet of flowers. If your quince gown is detailed simplistically with feathers, perhaps a bouquet made entirely of feathers would be the perfect balance to your evening gown!

More feathers!Feather up your venue
A venue full of feathers might catch your guests by surprise, but then again that’s exactly the reaction you’re going for. Tall, feathered centerpieces are glamorous accents that create an over-the-top ambiance, and with infinite ways to use feathers in your centerpiece adornments, you can be as elaborate or simplistic as you’ d like. As tall centerpieces or arranged in a table-runner shape, feathers incorporated into your centerpieces are the final touch to bringing together your glamorous feather-themed quince celebration.

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