Five Must-Have Items for your Charro Quinceanera Theme


If your family’s roots are from Mexico or you were born in Mexico and you feel you want to honor your roots, then mariachi music and papel picado can inspire a lovely charro Quinceanera theme for your party. Here are five items you can add to your Quince party to have an on-point charro Quinceanera theme.

1. An Embroidered Charro Quince dress

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One of the iconic looks of Mexican charros are the gold or silver embroidered designs on their jackets and dresses. This charro Quinceanera dress evokes the spirit of the traditional charro with its embroidered flower design. Add some dramatic flair with roses and a rebozo tied around your waist like this Quince girl did with her enchanting charro Quince outfit.

Dress: Can be found at Quinces Queens

15004 Paramount Blvd.
Paramount, California


2. Mariachi Serenade

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Once you hear the first plucks of the guitar from your favorite mariachi song, you know a magical mood is going to surround your Quince party. If you need help choosing mariachi singers in your area, head to El Clasificado’s ‘Fiestas’ section to find a mariachi group near you.


3. Papel Picado Decor

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Decorate your charro Quinceanera theme party with fluttering papel picado for buenas vibras. You can string these colorful paper designs around café string lights if your party is outside, or around the ceiling if your Quince party is held indoors at a venue.

4. Fiesta-Inspired Quince Cake


How cute is this fiesta-inspired Quince cake?!

This simple yet striking cake uses royal icing as the background so that the fiesta-inspired designs can be front and center. Add fresh flowers in the color of your Quince dress, like this bakery did.

Cake by Dallas Affaires Cake Co via The Knot

5. Bright Floral Arrangements


Transport your Quince guests to a colorful hacienda with this lovely decor.

The flowers at your Quince party can be as bright as the colors of the Mexican haciendas your Quince décor gets inspiration from. You can mix fuchsia orchids, bright purple hydrangeas, yellow roses, pink roses—whichever flowers call your attention! Add glasses, embroidered table runners, and more in coordinating colors like this Yucatan-inspired wedding did.

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Medina Photoartisans via Burnett Boards


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