Flower Arrangements for Every Budget

Alicia Garcia de Angela

 Buying seasonal flowers and asking for special offers and packages can save you a considerable amount of money for your Quince.

In addition to the dress, flowers are an element that can add beauty, color, and splendor to a quinceañera. In most cases, they can be a great expense for families, since they are not only used for the young girl’s bouquet, but for decorating the hall, church, and as an accessory for the chambelanes, maids of honor, a quinceañera’s godparents and parents as well.

Miguel Morales is one of the owners of the Dance & Roses flower shop, a family business established in 1991 in the heart of Los Angeles. Miguel receives about 50 orders for quinceañeras a year, with carnations being at the top of the most requested list, followed by goldenrods and the stargazer, an eye-catching fuchsia lily. For a higher price, you can also get tulips and white lilies, large flowers that are used in bouquets as well as flower arrangements.

“The key to stay within your budget is to buy seasonal flowers,” says Miguel. Sunflowers, Asian lilies, daisies and brown roses (a strain from Ecuador) are popular in the fall season.

DecoracionesSearching for special offers and packages can also save you a few dollars. Packages can range from $900 to $2,500, and they may include a bouquet, boutonnieres, and centerpieces for the entire hall. The difference between each package depends on the type of flower you choose, the base of the flower arrangement, and other elements such as hand-decorated flowers and delivery. In case the hall rental includes flower decorations, you may only need to buy the bouquet, which can cost approximately from $80 to $100.

Lastly, we recommend visiting several flower shops and asking for estimates before making a choice. Also, place your order at least four weeks prior to your Quince.

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Alicia Garcia de Angela

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