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Gemini SZN


Buckle up because Gemini SZN has finally arrived! This zodiac sign is the social butterfly of the group.

The Gemini sign is the twins which are associated with being outgoing, adaptable, and intelligent. It runs from May 21 to June 20 when spring is turning to summer, a transitional period. So, if you want to know how to throw a whimsical quince, keep reading.

Fun Fact: The twins are the first human symbol to appear in the zodiac.

Gemini season brings the perfect social energy, so the perfect quinceañera theme is a Masquerade Ball. This is perfect for your fun, creative and bubbly personality. You can take any direction with this and create bold decorations for your venue so it can resemble more of your tastes or you can even create the mask yourself to have unique looks. Having your guest wear a mask creates mystery which will keep you entertained the entire night since you are notoriously known to get bored easily.


Quinceañera Dresses

The perfect Gemini color is yellow, it makes sense because it’s one of the brightest colors of the visible spectrum and it’s known to be the color of happiness and suits your upbeat personality 100%. So here are some perfect gowns for your quinceañera, which will help you stand out!

Gemini Shoe

People always misinterpret Gemini’s quality to see all angles of an idea to being two-faced because they can’t just choose one side. That’s why they are so adaptable and versatile in every situation. So a Gemini’s ideal heel needs to be exactly that adaptable and versatile for all of the activities that you will perform, but also comfy to provide the support you need. So these stunning pearl and iridescent crystal one-band mid heels are the ones!

This quinceañera party will be one for the books since there can never be a boring moment when a Gemini is around.

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