Be our Guest… To a beautiful Beauty and the Beast themed Quinceañera!

Rosalynn Martinez

Want a Fairytale quince… but want something other than the obvious Cinderella theme? Another less common but also perfect disney princess theme is Beauty and the Beast!  A gorgeous yellow quince gown, and beautiful red rose centerpieces… let us show you why this is the perfect theme for you cheerful, bookworm gals!

The decor!
If you want to go for a fairy tale theme with an original color scheme, this is the theme for you! The color scheme should be blue, small accents in red, with an emphasis on yellow. Decorate the tables with red roses, use plain linens with splashes of yellow and blue to brighten things up, and add candles!





The Dress!

The dress for a Beauty and the Beast style quinceañera is one of the most important details of the theme. Recreating the perfect Belle dress, but making it your unique style is what it is all about. A yellow dress is a must, as it is Belle’s signature but you can make this original by adding your own touches using diamantes or pearls. You don’t even have to stick to the original shape of the Belle dress; you can be as creative as you want!





The Cake!

Whether you are going for cupcakes or a traditional tiered cake, decorate with yellow icing and red roses. The contrast between the pale yellow and red will make any style of cake look extravagant. Using rose petals is also a great idea for decorating, or add pearls for an even more glamorous look! Don’t be afraid to come up with an original design inspired by this unique fairytale! Browse through our gallery of amazing beauty and the beast cakes, cakepops and cupcakes… you might want to try a combination of these for your ball!

The Invitations!

Be our guest! A fun invitation idea for any fairy tale theme is to use quotes from the story. You can keep the designs of the invitations really simple and make them more interesting with the wording. If you do want to add some glamour, yellow ribbon and yellow rhinestones are very effective. Tie a bow around plain coloured card and your invitations are ready to go.




Finishing Touches!

In the wise words of Lumiere, “You don’t have time to be timid, you must be bold darling…” To further create a Beauty and the beast feel at your quinceñaera: Use teacups instead of glasses on your table. This is a really fun idea and it adds to the table decorations at well. Decorate your venue with your favourite quotes from Beauty and the Beast! And, if you are having cupcakes; use red icing and ice to create the effect of a rose. This is simple to do and will look very effective!


Rosalynn Martinez

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