A Hollywood Theme Quinceanera for a Divalicious Girl

Grecia Hernandez

This definitely is the most glamorous of all Quinceanera themes!

hollywood quinceanera

Nothing less for a divalicious Quinceanera like yourself!

Before deciding on the decor, you must pick the colors you wish to use: black, white, red and gold are the most popular for such a theme!



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Whether you’re having your Hollywood quince at a ballroom, an event center or a spectacular pool, designate a specific spot for a red carpet entrance and have the photographers, your family and friends stand on the opposite side so they can snap their best paparazzi shot.


A personalized backdrop will elevate your party to the next level. You can buy that or DIY with the help of your damas and chambelanes.


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Take care of arranged seating by placing gold star holders or use stand -up clapboards as Quinceanera centerpieces.


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Giveaway popcorn boxes as party favors or have a rental popcorn machine and have your guests self-serve.


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Personalized old-school film discs are also a fun option! But, what about your very own personalized Hollywood star?


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Decorate the venue with fun staged pictures of yourself and friends imitating either iconic films or your favorite!


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A super fun touch will be to have some of your friends or family members pose as paparazzi and snap pictures of you and your guests with disposable cameras, also great to save on your Quinceanera pictures.


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What do you think?

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