How to Decorate the XV Head Table in 5 Easy Steps!

Jazmin Alvarez

On your Quinceanera, all eyes must and will be on you! With that being said, you want to make sure every little detail is on point, including the head table at the reception where you’ll be sitting along with your Quince court enjoying the evening feast. Just like a Queen’s throne, you want that table to be the main focus of the hall!


How do you decorate the head table? Conquer this task in 5 easy steps!

STEP 1: What’s the best location for the head table?

Head Table

Don’t forget to place the head table right next to the dance floor!

Have you heard the term location, location location?! This is not only true in real estate! You want to place the table where everyone can see you including the people all the way in the back. When your guests first step into the room, one of the first things they should see is the head table straight across, right next to the dance floor, so you can make the smoothest entrance!

STEP 2: Make sure you have enough room for the tables and chairs!


Choosing an even number of people in your Quince court will ensure that you’re in the exact middle!

If you haven’t chosen your damas and chambelanes, there are several not-so-obvious details that should be crossing your mind. If you have too many people in your Quince court, you may not have enough room to place all of them in the head table. Ideally, you want to be at the exact center of the table so choosing an even number of damas and chambelanes will be best! Keep in mind that you need enough room to eat comfortable, so spread the chairs accordingly.

STEP 3: Choose the best centerpieces


Gorgeous head table using short centerpieces in the middle and large ones on both ends!

The best centerpieces will make it easy for you to talk to your court and know what’s going on at your party! No centerpiece should overpower the star of the party – YOU! You don’t want to choose centerpieces that are too high because they’ll be too distracting and difficult for you to chit chat. Spread the centerpieces across evenly and don’t forget to place some on both ends of the table.

STEP 4: Use a fancy dancy backdrop


An amazing princess inspired backdrop!

You’ll notice that a majority of Quinceanera pictures shot at the reception hall are by the head table. Since you want these pics to be flawless, using a nice backdrop is just what you need!

STEP 5: Set the mood with uplighting


Notice the green uplighting? It gives it a calm feel to the head table!

What colors make you feel the happiest? The lighting in the room will determine the ambiance of your party! Choosing light colors such as blue and green will give your table a calm feel while magenta will do the exact opposite. It’s all up to the quinceanera the mood she wants to reflect! Setting LED lights under the table will illuminate your table beautifully!



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