How to Plan a Candyland Quince

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            Do you have a huge sweet tooth? If so, you should consider throwing a Candyland themed quince! The colors are sweet and cute, while having plenty of candy around always delights party guests.


Here are a few things you may want to include on your list when planning a Candyland themed quince.

Lollipop Centerpieces


Floral centerpieces are adorable, but what’s a Candyland themed party without the candy? To sweeten up your table décor, make some centerpieces using large swirl lollipops that you can find at most candy shops.

Multicolored Balloons


Decorate your event space with a bunch of brightly colored balloons in pink, red, blue, green and purple.

Cotton Candy Machine 


If you want to really impress your guests, have a cotton candy machine set up so they can make their own sweet creations.

Rainbow Banners


No Candyland themed party decor is complete without a few rainbow banners prominently displayed behind your main table and throughout the event space.

Ice Cream and Sprinkles


Besides candy, you should maybe offer your party guests some tasty ice cream and various toppings such as colorful sprinkles.

Colorful Confetti


Why not sprinkle some colorful confetti on your tables to add to the theme of your party décor.

Use Titles From the Game


A great way to incorporate the actual Candyland board game is by using the titles in the game for your tables or food stations. Names such as “Peppermint Forest”, “Lollipop Woods”, “Peanut Brittle House”, “Gingerbread Plumb Trees” and “Gumdrop Mountains” are all titles used in the game.

Decorate the Dance Floor


Another great way to decorate for your Candyland quince is by decorating the dance floor to resemble the board game itself. You can do this with multicolored cardboard squares arranged in a cool swirl pattern.


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