In Love with Rio de Janeiro? Have a Brazilian Carnival Quince!


Brazil and its second-most populous municipality of Rio de Janeiro have enchanted tourists and artists alike for centuries.

The beaches of Ipanema, the rhythm of samba dancers dancing for carnival time, the colors of the chic fashion boutiques that line the streets—it’s all a wonderful canvas to inspire the theme for your Quince party!

Glaring Quinceañera Dresses

With Carnival as the main theme, bright colors are in. You can have your dress be the main centerpiece while your damas join you in wearing a vibrant contrast color as well. 

Choose any of the following styles for your damas:

Dazzling XV Decor

Bring the tropics indoors (or outdoors if you’re having a garden Quince party. Take a cue from these Brazilian designers and set up floral displays of lush green palm leaves flanked by large pineapple stands and tropical floral accents. Majestic green and gold tones will make your guests think they are in Copacabana!

Rhythmical Music

“Young and lovely, the girl from Ipanema goes walking” will be the starting lyrics of the music that faintly plays in the background while your guests arrive and get seated for dinner. Brazil’s unofficial theme song can be a soft introduction to the night before the real party gets started!

The Entertainment

Just because you are a novice at samba doesn’t mean you can’t kick up the entertainment factor at your Quince. Hire samba dancers and drummers to play batucada! Your guests will be doing a conga line in no time!

Delicioso Cake

When it comes to your Quince cake, let the tropical flowers adorning your cake do all the talking. We like how the palm tree leaves, flowers and open coconuts were the focal points against the simple yet chic white frosting of this amazing naked cake.

Colorful Dessert Table 

To set up the perfect display table to house your cake, you can drape a cascading display of balloons in matching tones to your Quince theme on a back wall, while placing coconuts and palm leaves around miniature desserts. Add touches of metallic balloons and decorations for a W-O-W factor.

The Party Favors

Keep the spirit of your Rio carnival theme going once your guests depart by having them take home little favor boxes with chocolate and masquerade masks. You can even place some plastic beads in there as well!

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An Ultimate Performance

Learning a whole samba routine for your surprise dance might seem a little bit intimidating, so we suggest taking baby steps into one of the most festive types of dancing. You can mix in a bit of hip-hop with some basic samba steps in this Black Eyed Peas remix of “Mas Que Nada” by bossa nova maestro Sergio Mendes.

Are you thinking of having a Brazilian carnival theme for your Quince? Tell us below in the comments!  

  Featured image is property of: Samaria Martin Photography

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