Loteria Party Theme Decorations

Yoana Estrada

Buenas, I won! There’s nothing more comforting than sitting around a table with your family playing la Loteria. 

‘La Loteria’ is a traditional game often referred to as Mexican Bingo! The Latino community has been playing this Mexican aesthetic game for hundreds of years. Also, it’s not uncommon to see these cards reimagined and updated to a more modern look! Is La Loteria a key part of your life? Keep the tradition alive by adorning your quince with it in unique ways.


Let your guest in on the fun with a Loteria-themed invitation. Also, consider using a unique card for each of your guests.


Cake pops, Rice Crispy treats, or candies! You can practically decorate anything with these colorful cards.


Put La Loteria to work in unique ways as placemats for the main course! Or, you can also use it to guide your guests to their seats. 


Official Quinceanera Loteria

Have free time during your quince? Get your court of honor together and play a round or two before it’s showtime. #15 Loteria

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