Magical Quinceañera Theme, Winterland Fantasy

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Celebrate your quinceañera party with original, fun and creative winterland fantasy theme decoration.


If you’re about to celebrate your quince and wish to impress your guests with an original theme, a winterland fantasy quinceañera theme is perfect for you, specially if you’re having it during December or at the beginning of next year, by far the coldest period of the season.

The next suggestions will help you create this perfect winterland fantasy quinceañera theme:

The ambience

White is a must tone for any winter wonderland celebration. It will give your party a sophisticated, elegant and magical touch. If you think of white as too simple you can go with gray or beige and contrast them with black or other sparkly colors.

Winter wonderland desert table

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The details

If you have the chance, place blue lights on all the walls of your venue to give it a frozen look. Paint dry branches in white or silver and add fantasy pearls to give the idea of snowy trees. You can also hang different size snow-like ornaments with white or litmus sparkles.

Winter wonderland Quince Details

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Use crystal vases and dry branches to evoke winter-like trees. Add pearls and hang crystal threads to recreate winter snow, perfect for a winterland quinceañera theme.

Winter wonderland Blue Lighting

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Decorate your cake in white or beige and add crystal shape details on it to make it look as sparkly as this winter season.

Menu for your winterland fantasy quinceañera theme 

It does not matter the menu you will serve but the decoration around it. Place dry branches around the table and hang spheres to simulate fruits. Finally, if your budget allows it, place ice sculptures near the main catering table at the entrance of the venue, the candy bar or wherever you think works best.

Follow these tips and we guarantee your winterland fantasy quinceañera theme will be a success!

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