5 Things that will turn your Quinceañera into a Fab Masquerade Ball!

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A glamorous, mysterious and unique quince theme!

If you want a glamorous, mysterious and unique quinceañera then a masquerade quince theme is for you! This is a great theme if you want a bold, jewel toned color scheme, and if you accent with black it adds to the mystery and sophistication of the theme. Colors like dark purple, green, dark red or gold will look amazing!


The Decor!

For the decor, feathers are a must! You can have some fun incorporating feathers into your centerpieces for a timeless masquerade look. Deep jewel tone colors will perfectly complement this theme and will add drama.  Make sure to add some sparkle to add glam and liven things up! If you want to go for a more colorful carnival feel incorporate balloons, streamers, love beads, tulle, and candles.

The Dress!

Basically all jewel tones and bold colors are great colors for your quinceañera masquerade dress, we suggest gold, red, and deep purple. Keep things simple but go for an extravagant mask! If you want any detailing on your dress diamantes work well with this theme. Choose a mask that will complement your dress. As for the mask, make sure it is the same color scheme as your dress.


A deep purple quince dress…

The Cake!

You may want to keep your cake simple if you are going for a masquerade theme. Make sure to keep the color scheme the same if you are doing this. Coloured cupcakes can be really effective. Feathers and glitter can be used to decorate your masquerade cake and mini masks will tie everything together perfectly. But remember to not over decorate as it can be overwhelming!

The Invitations!

There are lots of masquerade invitation ideas out there and most of them will not be expensive. One really effective idea is to cut out card masks and decorate. On the back, write your invitation. Remember: your invitations don’t have to be expensive to wow your guests. Always keep your color scheme in mind when designing your invitations.

Finishing Touches!

Add some finishing touches to create an award winning masquerade-themed quinceñaera. Decorate your venue with fairy lights. Feathers and glitter will work well with this theme. Use to decorate cupcakes. Put a vase in the middle of the table with long feathers it in. Get your guests to stick their masks into the vase while they are sitting at the table to add to the decoration.


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