An Adorable Minnie Mouse Quinceanera Theme

Jazmin Alvarez

Let’s think back to our childhood days, say 10 years ago…

Do your memories consist of watching “A Mickey Mouse Cartoon” every morning and wishing your were Minnie Mouse for at least a day?

If so, you won’t regret choosing a Minnie Mouse quinceanera theme!

And we found the cutest Minnie Mouse inspired decorations and dresses for your quinceanera!

Before we jump into the exciting part, choose the color scheme that complements your style: Red, gold, black or pink, gold, black.

P.S. Don’t worry, these ideas are quinceanera worthy (in case you were concerned about your party feeling like a kid’s birthday).


We all know Minnie Mouse has a good sense of fashion! Bows, ruffles, and sparkle will make you stand out from head to toe and help you radiate a playful vibe. Pink, gold, or red are the ideal colors.


Where do we start?! The Minnie Mouse ears should be everywhere! Along with the ears, bows are a must. If you’re a fan of polka dots, you can’t go wrong with polka dotted table cloths or curtains to hang behind the dessert table. Paper flowers in the colors of your theme will add a refreshing touch. Place ear hats on each plate with your guests’ names engraved to get them into the spirit! Encourage them to wear it throughout the party for the cutest selfies. Speaking of selfies, we can’t wait for you to see what we have in store for your photo booth props.



Creative & fun photo booth props include funky glasses, minnie mouse ears, white gloves, bows, lips, and purses. DIY picture frames are also a popular option for crafty quinceaneras.



For those who don’t enjoy cake, cupcakes, cake pops, and cookies will satisfy your sweet tooth. Ruffles, cute bows, polka dots, metallic designs, and minnie mouse ears will make your cake too cute to eat. Gold crowns, bows, and the minnie mouse ears are all show-stopping cake toppers.

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