Modern Do-it-Yourself recuerditos for your Quinceañera

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If you’re looking for some quick and easy party favors that’ll give your party another touch of uniqueness,  consider a throw back to do-it-yourself recuerdos-but  with a modern twist of course. For the romantic  quinceañera, the aromatherapy-loving gal or the chef  quince girl, here are three party favor ideas that will  surely make your quince, and your personality, shine through. Take a look.

Votive candles
You could never go wrong with votive candles, especially since they come in handy during dreadful power outages, romantic dinners or to give a room that warm feeling. To give this simple candle a transformation, consider dressing or packaging it in a special way. Tulle, a clear box or a simple ribbon can be all you need to dress the candle of your choice. If you choose tulle, you can simply wrap the candle in it and tie it with a lace ribbon. You can also add a gift tag-type note, make a hole in it, and then run the lace through it to attach it to the favor. The note can read a simple “Thank you”, or can have a religious message or any message of your liking.

If you choose to go the clear box path, you can hot glue the candle inside the box to keep it from moving around. You can also get creative and add sand for a beach themed quince, for example.

potpourri sashPotpourri sashes
Potpourri sashes are a girl’s bff when it comes to making things smell flower pretty. In your dresser drawers, in your car, your purse or book bag, potpourri sashes can keep all of those areas smelling Springy all year long. To pull off this wonderful party favor, purchase a bulk bag of potpourri (scent of your choice) and numerous sashes (color and fabric of your choice as well). Using a measuring cup or spoon, begin to pour the potpourri into the sashes and when done simply pull the string to bring the bag to a close. As with the votive candles, you can also add a personalized ribbon and note to the potpourri sash as well.

jars of loveJars of Love
If you’re a quinceañera who knows her way around a kitchen, perhaps you may want to share that skill with all of your quince guests. Jars of homemade jam, for example, are one way to show your creative and skillful personality. Purchase empty jars in bulk and then batch up a recipe for homemade jam. Once you’ve got your recipe down to the pinch, jam away and make as much jam as you can possibly make. When finished, fill your empty jars with the jam and close the lid tightly. You can also add the noted thank you card and personalized ribbon by simply tying them around the lid. With this thoughtful detail as your party favor, your guests will be able to carry on the topic of your party all throughout next day’s breakfast when the jar of jam can be put to some tasty and good use!

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