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Wondering how to make a whimsical and matchless quince party? It’s Simple. Take to pop culture to get inspiration for what will surely be an unforgettable fiesta. From classic children’s stories, to David Chappelle’s Playa’ Haters Ball to the current vampire craze, there is no stopping your creativity when it comes to putting together an extravagant quinceañera celebration.

Alice in Wonderland

With Ashley Simpson and Pete Wentz tying the knot in an Alice in Wonderland-themed wedding earlier this year, and with the highly anticipated Tim Burton flick scheduled to hit theatres in 2010, it will be no surprise to see a wave of Alice in Wonderland-inspired quinceañeras within the next year or so. To beat the bunch to the punch, so to speak, an Alice in Wonderland-themed quince is a fun and unique alternative that can make your celebration stand out. For your dress, choose an A-line skirt in a white or off white color. Add a sash in a baby blue hue to tiUnique Quinceañera theme!e-in the Alice in Wonderland theme and add jewelry in pearl and black colors. Your chambelanes will look their best in full tuxedos and top hats, while your damas would play the part best in below the knee dresses in an Alice in Wonderland blue hue and a pair of white gloves that fits them to their wrist. For the food, add small signs that read “Eat Me” on a toothpick and place one on each individual plate. If you’re having a buffet-style dinner, have a large sign with “Eat Me” written on it. You can place the sign over the buffet table or on the table itself. “Drink Me” signs can be placed on the beverage bar, as well as “Take Me” signs on your selected party favors. A tipsy-turvy quince cake like this one will serve as yet another eye-catching aspect of your celebration.

Playa’ Haters Ball

Although the older crowd on your guest list may not be too in tune with this theme, you can bet your pimp cup that your friends will definitely dig it! To play up the David Chappelle Playa’ Haters Ball theme, you’ll need lots of attitude and tons of bling! To keep your parents (and your priest!) at bay, a traditional quince gown is recommended. Playa' Haters Ball!Once the religious ceremony is over, you can add a pimp cane, a furry boa and layers of costume jewelry in gold with bold jewels for fun. Your chambelanes can wear the pachuco style tuxedo and they can also add the pimp cane after the religious ceremony is over. Your damas can wear long satin gowns and add pimp canes and boas after the religious ceremony as well. If you’re having a buffet style dinner, you can decorate the buffet table with drapery in bold and rich colors like deep purples and gold. Add some pattern to the mix like a leopard or zebra overlay, gold coins spread around the table and fake dollar bills as well. If you’re having a sit down dinner, serve your dinner in gold-colored dishes to play up the bling factor. A three-layered cake can have one layer in a zebra pattern, the second layer in a solid deep purple and the third layer in a leopard pattern. Adorn the cake with gold embellishments, dollar signs, feathers and as much bling as possible. For added fun, have your court toast from pimp cups and have your seat be a real throne rather than a regular chair. After all, you are the pimp of the partay!

Vampire Quince, without the Halloween effect

There are ways to achieve a vampire inspired quince without having your quince seem like a Halloween-themed party. For your color theme, choose a deep sultry purple as opposed to a blood red- which can give your party an undesired Halloween vibe. A quince gowCool Quinceanera theme!n with a corset top and full skirt will work best for this theme. Your damas can wear tea length dresses in a solid deep purple and your chambelanes can wear a vintage cutaway tuxedo in a deep grey. The décor of your venue should follow your deep purple color scheme. Choose table linens and overlays in a monochromatic color palette to add variation to your tables and decorate your tables with lots of candles or candelabras. If possible, ask to have the lights of the venue dimmed through out the entire party in order to create an eerie ambiance. Your cake can be multi tier and decorated in a black over white paisley décor with Queen of the Night tulips cascading over the layers. You can add notes on the served dishes with quotes from your favorite vampire movies. Personalized entrées are delicious ways to end the night!

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