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Centerpieces are key elements when it comes to your quince celebration. When choosing your centerpieces you must consider your party theme, the colors, whether you prefer to use balloons, paper, flowers, candles, chandeliers, etc.

Once you’ve made up your mind you can begin doing your research to create your very own original centerpieces.

If you’re going for tall Quinceanera centerpieces you must make these higher than your guests’ heads but if you prefer short centerpieces, these must be as high as your guests’ chins. This is key to avoid blocking their sight while seating down together.

Your centerpieces must go accordingly with your tablecloths and any chair decor; every single thing should complement one another in order for the theme to fall just in place.

tall masquerade centerpiece

Centerpiece by Tutu’s Bows & More

Check out these original centerpieces trends and choose your favorite:

One of the most successful trends is minimalism. Its innovation and modern characteristic helps create an elegant environment as you may know, less is more. An example of these are different colors, wine bottles or metallic flower vases or perhaps even white ceramic vases with colorful flowers or decorating plants.

candles centerpiece

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Another reigning trend, when it comes to original centerpieces, is using small flowers. The most popular are daisies, lilies, hydrangeas, tulips and helicons. These last ones are tropical plants that will make your party blossom, especially an outdoor quinceanera.

If over-the-top decorations are your thing, opt for tall crystal vases as centerpieces. These give a more sophisticated ambiance, as if the flowers were floating in the air. Light color flowers are perfect to light up the room.

fishbowl centerpiece

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But what if flowers are not exactly your favorite? Well, then there are many options like candles, crystal figurines, mirrors, and even origami art pieces, all these create a contemporary visual effect.


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