The fiercest quince theme, for the brave and bold quince girl!

Rosalynn Martinez

Think vibrant colours, unique decoration ideas and of course, feathers! Using a peacock theme for your Quinceañera gives you so much choice over the décor and what you want from it. This theme is perfect for the bold and daring quince girl!

The Decor!

Whether you are going for simple and elegant or vibrant and extravagant; the peacock theme works. For the colour scheme; go for vibrant Blues, deep purples and bright greens. You can keep it simple and add splashes of colour or go all out; either way, your quinceanera is sure to be unique and will impress your guests. If you find that the peacock colors are too overpowering; add plain white tablecloths, candles or flowers for a little simplicity.


Very unique and creative table decor!

The Dress!

When, it comes to the dress for your peacock-themed quinceanera, the bigger the better. If you are going for an elegant look, choose a dark blue or purple and add plenty of glitz. If you are looking for a more unique and extravagant style, go for bright colors and lots of layering. We have picked our favourite peacock-themed dresses to give you some ideas for your quinceanera.



The Cake!

If you are looking for an idea that won’t cost much but still looks extravagant, cupcakes are a great idea, especially if you know someone who bakes. You can choose you favourite flavours and to decorate pipe with green, blue or purple icing and add a feather to each one. Display in a cupcake stand for even more effect. A great way to add even more glamor is to use glitter on the feathers. If you would prefer to have a more traditional tiered cake, use flowers ribbons, feathers or diamantes to decorate. Use real feathers, fondant icing or food colouring to create an extravagant effect. For a more unique design, mix up the textures on some of the tier and use different colours.



The Invitations!

You don’t have to spend a lot of money or come up with an extravagant idea to design really effective invitations; keeping them simple can be just as powerful. Use colored ribbons and make them stand out with plain white or brown paper. Add a single peacock feather to each one and you have a beautiful and unique invitation ready to go. These are easy to make yourself.  Use a calligraphy style font to complement the peacock-themed invite.



Finishing Touches!

There are some beautiful ideas out there to put the finishing touches to your peacock-themed quinceanera. Here are our top three: Decorate cake pops in your favourite peacock colors.

Use old-fashioned ornamental bird cages as your center pieces. Decorate them with ribbons, feathers and flowers Add feathers into your flower arrangements or just replace flowers with feathers.




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