Phantom of the Opera-Inspired Quinceanera


Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical masterpiece ‘Phantom of the Opera’ has stunned Broadway audiences for decades and even got its own feature film adaptation in the early 2000s.

If you’re known to love the theater arts, show your guests a great time by taking a theme cue from this timeless musical for your Quinceañera.

Embroidered Quince Dress

In the film ‘Phantom of the Opera,’ Emmy Rossum’s character wears a light pink ballgown with floral applique details that is as ethereal as a spring day. Channel her baroque style in this tulle embroidered Quince dress!

An Embellish Hairstyle

Christine, the heroine of the musical, wears her dark locks in ringlet curls that cascade down her shoulders. Make your hairstyle the main attraction with large curls and a subtle tiara, like this look by @glambychristopher.

Decorations & Tableware 

The prologue to ‘Phantom of the Opera’ shows the Opéra Populaire in Paris ready to auction some of the items of its wonder years. The central item is the chandelier that mysteriously turns on after many years. You must pay homage to this in your Quince, with chandeliers hanging from your tent or lookalikes as your centerpieces and red roses clustered around the base to make it look ultra-romantic. 

Draw inspiration from the deep red hues of the roses used throughout the musical film and match metallic silver and black tablecloths with silverware to lend a mysterious ambience to your Quince theme.

Chambelan de Honor Attire

Your chambelan de honor will be integral to your theme as the Phantom of the Opera as long as he is looking dapper in a suit and mask. Just make sure he doesn’t get jealous like the actual Phantom from the musical!

Party Favors

Sometimes, the simplest party favors do all the talking when it comes to a theme. Give your guests a single red rose and tie a black ribbon on the stem, and your chambelan and you can both hand them out—because love (and fun) never die!

Do you think you’ll try out this theme for your Quince? Let us know in the comments below.

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