The cutest party, for the biggest girly girl!

Rosalynn Martinez

We have the perfect theme for the ultimate girly girl…Pink! What better day to be a total girly girl than the day of your pink themed quinceañera? Whether you chose a soft romantic pink, or a bold edgy pink theme, it will still be fun and timeless. Pink dress, pink cake, pink flowers… all pink everything!

The decor!

The most popular and timeless Quinceañera theme… Pink. If pink is your favourite color then there is no question about what theme you should decide on! Because this is a very timeless theme, you should have no problem finding the perfect decor! If you are thinking of adding a supporting color to your pink theme, we suggest you use white, a darker shade of pink, or gold! Flowers, candles and pink christmas lights can be used to decorate your venue. Another popular decoration is candy, pick your favourite pink candy and fill up jars for the centerpiece of your table or have a candy buffet, or go for both! We are sure this will be very popular with your friends and family.


The Dress!

Of course your dress has to be pink! It is entirely your choice which shade to go for, although a mixture of pink shades is also a great idea. Different layers and materials can help keep your dress looking original. Add diamantes or flowers for even more glam! Keep your jewellery simple; don’t add any other colors apart from pink, white and silver.


The Cake!

Your cake should be mainly pink as well, but make it unique by adding cute details or using different shades and textures. This will keep your cake looking modern and unique. Pink is the ultimate girly theme so add pearls, glitter, flowers, bows ruffles and even diamantes; don’t hold back! Cupcakes will work just as well and a tiered cake. White and pink icing can be used to decorate. Add pink roses or bows for the finishing touch.


The Invitations!

Keep in mind the girly theme when sending out your invitations. Of course they will be pink too! Lace, ribbon, pearls and flowers are all perfect to turn a plain invitation into something more glamorous or exciting. If you are using plain card, why not have the writing in pink as well. Be creative and change the shape of your invitations. A heart shape adds a nice, girly touch!


Cute pink invitations!

Finishing touches!

Here are some tips for your pink-themed quinceanera: If you want to really wow your guests, have a cotton candy stand! This can be instead of a candy buffet or part of it. Decorate your venue with pink balloons and streamers in different shades  to create a very playful effect. Take your pink theme one step further and serve only pink drinks like pink lemonade!



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