Plan a Star Wars Quinceanera in a Galaxy Far, Far Away…


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there was New Hope for the Quinceanera to be, to release her inner Jedi and create a Star Wars Quinceanera themed party, that no one would forget…

For the Star Wars obsessed Quinceanera to be, who says you can’t bring out the Jedi in you for your party!

Take your guests on a stellar experience into a whole new galaxy far, far away. A galaxy in which you’ll be the shining constellation to provide an out of this world Star Wars adventure for everyone.

Like our “Out of This World, Galaxy themed Quinceanera,” a Star Wars themed Quinceanera concentrates more on, specifically, using Star Wars themes and items.

Universal Decorations

If you want to keep the galactic air try sticking to this color scheme:

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Then, think about the tables: centerpiece, plate set, chairs, lighting, etc. How do you want to represent the theme on them? We found a couple of cool ideas for you:

Terrariums are extremely popular for creating mini sets of the Star Wars movie and adding miniature figures of the characters! Create a galactic space for your venue, for example: star looking lights, spaceships, cosmos, and different planets.

Galactic Invitations

Give your guests a constellation of mystical vibes by incorporating galactic designs from the popular trilogy!


For the cake, it is your opportunity to follow the latest trends and create a marbled and crystal cake. Maintain your theme colors and Voila! You have yourself a beautiful Star Wars cake. And if on top of that, you want to add character details or decorations, go ahead!

Jedi Quince Look

Now, concentrate on your look. With this out-of-this-world theme, you don’t have to limit yourself to one color like pink or lilac, but you can literally go for anything! Anything that sparkles and adorned with embellishments that resembles the stars and the galaxy, will look amazing on you! And will still make you stand out from the crowd like the interstellar Quinceanera you are.

Now, for hair and make-up, dare to try futuristic looks, like a geode inspired lips and shimmery cheekbones; and an avant-garde ponytail do.

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FLASH BACK FRIDAY… no literally jejeje:)

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