Plan a Cinderella Themed Quinceañera

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Choose Disney’s classic film and turn your Quinceanera into a memorable story which must not necessarily end at midnight. Get inspired and celebrate like only a princess would!

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In order to pull the perfect Cinderella themed quinceanera you must first locate the key elements of the story and come up with ways to adapt these to your main Quince categories.

For example, the popular crystal slipper, the magical pumpkin and, of course, the super fancy carriage. Adding these into your quince main planning aspects will now be easier. Apply this method with any other thematic and you’ll do just fine.

Quinceañera invitations

Selecting the appropriate invitation template is key since this will give your guests a peek into what your Cinderella quinceañera themed will be like so you most definitely want to impress and leave them wondering. How about giving out rolled invitations simulating an invitation to the ball.


The wonderful thing about thematic parties is that they apply to indoor and outdoor events, hence a garden or a hall can easily be adapted into a Cinderella themed quinceañera. Plain blue and white table linens will do the trick. Use blue mesh for a more fabulous look.

Centerpieces & Party Favors

Turn your centerpieces into a DIY project! If your budget for centerpieces is small, try decorating pumpkins. Peach and cream is a perfect match for this! Glitter and rhinestones are excellent add-ons too. Mints inside Cinderella slippers look gorgeous as party favors. Decorated cupcakes will delight your guests and can decorate your table while they wait.

Your quinceañera dress

As for your dress, you can always recreate the exact Cinderella gown or personalize it to your taste.

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