Plan a Fun & Festive Carnival Themed Quince!

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We all remember the excitement we felt as a little girl going to the nearest carnival! Why not bring that excitement to your Quince?! You probably won’t be able to invite circus animals or have a Ferris wheel without breaking the bank, but you can make it up by carefully choosing the decor and completing it with your overall look. Trust us, you guests will forget they’re not at an actual carnival if you follow our affordable tips!

Take a look at the ideas below to plan a festive carnival themed Quince, or better said, welcome to your very own cirque du soleil!


Having a carnival theme calls for bright & playful colors! Stripes, circus animals, and pops of color are a must. Carnival ticket invitations are a good option if you’re really trying to emphasize your theme. Websites such as and offer a variety of carnival themed invitations at an affordable price!

carnival 2

carnival 3


Imagine balloons arranged in a creative way at your entrance! Stick to a color theme, either pastel colors such as pink, blue, and purple or lively colors such as red, yellow, & blue.

carnival themed Quince

Hang pom poms all over the venue for a playful touch. Use balloons or candy instead of natural flowers to save money on your centerpieces!

carnival decor 2

Have a carousel style candy buffet filled with cotton candy, popcorn, funnel cakes, peanuts, and caramel apples.

carnival themed Quince


There are no limits to creativity when you choose a carnival themed Quince! You know what would take it to the next level? You on a humongous elephant! Just keep in mind that renting an elephant could be a bit pricey (and maybe scary if you’re afraid of animals).

carnival foto 1

Your best bet is having your photo shoot at a local fair, where you can take pics in front of a Ferris wheel…

carnival foto 2

Or riding a cheerful horse on a merry-go-round…

Purchase a couple of balloons in all colors to add life to your pictures.

Play around with your poses and use all sorts of carnival inspired props!

carnival foto 3


Pink, blue, purple, or yellow are colors that would look amazing! Pick a dress with a bit of sparkle on the bodice and extra ruffles. If your parents are on a tight budget, choosing a short dress will not fall short from amazing. Pair it up with nude heels to bring attention to the colors of your dress. You may also choose a white dress but remember to add extra thought to your accessories.

PicMonkey Collage-carnival


Why do you love carnivals? Is it the circus showcasing clowns, elephants, and acrobats? Or is it the Ferris wheel & games that thrill you? Did we forget to mention the amazing food? Keep these questions in mind because the designs on your cake should reflect your personality and tastes! Ask your baker about dying each layer of the cake in your favorite carnival colors or making the flavor cotton candy and peanut butter.

car cake 1

car cake

car cake 2

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