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Pop off With a Charro Themed Fiesta

Yoana Estrada

A charro-themed quinceanera is perfect for a girl that enjoys vibrant colors, tradition, and Mexican culture.

What exactly is a ‘charro’ you may ask? A charro takes part in a sport called ‘charreada’, also known as a Mexican rodeo. What’s cooler than a charro? A charra! A Charra wears traditional Mexican dresses including sombreros and matching accessories. Keep reading to find out how you can ‘pop off’ with your very own charro-themed fiesta.


Charro princess gowns

When shopping for charro gowns you’ll start to see similarities between the dresses. A traditional charro outfit will include elaborate hand-sewn details. Some accessories should be paired with a charro dress such as a traditional shawl, sombrero, and cowgirl boots. 


A Charra-Licious surprise dance

The surprise dance at a quinceanera is typically after the waltz. The cool thing about a surprise dance is that you get to pick any song that you would like. Consider dancing to Folklorico, Mariachi vals, Banda, or Corridos to complete your charro quinceanera.


Pop off with Charro chambelanes

There’s nothing better than a chambelan in uniform! #dreamy No charro-themed quinceanera is complete without a chambelan suited up in official charro attire. The most important thing to consider when looking for your chambelans suit is the color!  Consider, matching with your chambelan to look coordinated.

These boots were made for walking

Who said you can’t wear cowgirl boots to your quinceanera? Dance the night away and make a statement with your shoes. You can go for a traditional cowgirl boot or decide on a glam sassy pair. You can’t go wrong regardless!


¡Queremos pastel estilo charro!

Win your guest over with the perfect cake. One of the most popular colors for a quinceanera cake is white, gold, and red. Although, any color can work as long as you have the right decorations! Topping your cake off with red roses, horses, and even sunflowers can do the trick!

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