Potpourri Scents for a Romantic Quinceanera

Alicia Monsalve

Long before perfumes even existed, humans discovered that some herbs combined with particular flowers could bring beauty and create an exquisitely unique aroma to an environment.

What we now call potpourri or the mixture of herbs and flower essences, is a habit that you can incorporate into your Quinceanera to leave lasting and scented memories to your guests.

Here is how can you bring in potpourri to your special celebration:

Freshen the air with gorgeous-looking centerpieces


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Decorate your tables with baskets or vases filled with potpourri as Quince centerpieces. These can be made with fresh sachets, candles or fragrant oils.

Add to it by purchasing special burners, personalize it with your name or write a special message. Potpourri makes a great match with a Boho Chic Quinceanera or an Enchanted Forest Quinceanera.

Give aromatic sachets to your guests


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The practice of making sachets or pouches of herbs is very ancient, but it definitely was popularized during the Victorian era. A long time ago, people kept their clothes stuffed with bags of herbs to help conserve the fabric and keep them moist.

A beautiful sachet, a container or box filled with potpourri burner or memories can be excellent party favors for your Quinceanera.

Take the DIY route and make your own potpourri


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If you like certain smells such as cinnamon, citrus, cloves and ginger and would like to share that particular scent, look online for DIY potpourri recipes. Ask a friend or two for help and try it out with a small quantity to avoid messes and big expenses.

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