Princess and the Pauper Quince Celebration 

Jocelyn Pasillas

Are you planning a Quinceanera celebration for two soon-to-be 15-year-olds?  

No worries, it’s more common than you think! Celebrating a Quince with your other half has more pros than cons, especially when you get to share the memories with one another and save your parents lots of money. A shared Quince is most common when family members such as twins, cousins, or even sisters who are a year apart.  

Either way, we have found the perfect underrated concept for two Quinceaneras to share, follow along as we share picture-perfect concepts for a Princess and the Pauper Celebration!  

Princess and the Pauper Dresses 

First things first, the dresses! Hopefully, the only debate will be deciding who gets to where the pink or blue dress for the big day. Go try on dresses and see which suits you both better. Just imagine how magical it would be to dance to I am a Girl Like You for your waltz. 


Royal Cakes  

Two grand cakes might result in a lot of leftovers, but two one-tier cakes would be perfect– especially when taking photos! Consider adding each character as cake toppers on the cakes to add to the concept.  

Modest Décor  

The combination of blue and pink pastels has always complemented one another flawlessly. Use pink roses mixed with blue hydrangeas for your centerpieces. A royal invitation requires pink or blue stamps to WOW your guests!  

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