Quinceanera Themes Inspired by the Hottest Movies

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Quinceanera themes can be really creative when you play with mood lighting, decorations, and unique wardrobe for you and your court. Here are a few ideas to set up your celebration according to the latest box office hits.

Mirror Mirror (above): the 2012 adaptation of the classic “Snow White” tale gives your imagination the opportunity to run wild with evil queens and poisoned apples. If you choose an elaborate Quince dress similar to Snow White’s and arrive to your grand ball in a horse and carriage, your guests won’t be left wondering who is the fairest of them all.

Twilight: the vampire-themed fantasy romance series can spark a sudden craving for a Quince with romantic ambience. For this type of Quinceanera themes, hire a professional to set the mood with amber lights and decorate your venue as an evergreen landscape. Instead of black decorations, use eggplant purple as the base color for your décor.

The Hunger Games: catching the fever of  the post-apocalyptic world of Panem is easy, especially with the flamboyant costumes worn by Effie Trinket. This theme calls to a fearless girl willing to flaunt theatrical wardrobe, elaborate makeup, and a Quinceañera court willing to follow her lead.

Snow White and the Huntsman: “poisoned apples” and golden-framed mirrors in your centerpiece arrangements will set the scene for this twisted version of the epic fairy tale, while Victorian attire for your court and a throne as your seat of honor will bring the legendary tale full circle.

The Raven: the Edgar Allen Poe poem “The Raven” inspired this thriller film that takes place in the 19th century. Turn your Quince into a renaissance-inspired celebration as well with Victorian outfits for your chambelanes. This includes frock coats, top hats, cravats, and fake mustaches for fun!



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