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Quinceanera Under The Stars for a Space Princess

Yoana Estrada

Looking to transport your guest into an intergalactic extravaganza?

Look no further, buckle your seat belts and prepare for a blast-off! We’re about to throw the best Quinceanera that the galaxy has ever seen.  Keep reading and consider the following tips, tricks, and inspo for your Quinceanera Under The Stars.

Out of this World Cakes

Give your space guest the ultimate out-of-this-world experience by getting a cake that is not only delicious but looks amazing! When going about choosing a cake consider a  mixture of dark blues and purples to go along with our space and galaxy theme. Once your color selection is complete you get to decide the type of cake topper you would like. Moons, planets, stars, glitter, and the sun can usually be seen in these types of cakes.


Planetary Space Babe Decorations 

The best part about throwing a quinceanera under the stars is having the option of an indoor or outdoor event.  Regardless of the location, we are going to need all the space decorations possible. Let’s start by choosing an iconic space-themed balloon garland that your guest will enjoy taking pictures in front of.  Consider mixing and matching different shapes of balloons such as moons and stars to give the ultimate space vibes! 

PRO TIP: Want to go the extra mile? Consider dimming the lights and using a star projector at your event.


SpaceDust Candy table

What goes on a candy table? A candy table looks best when it includes different shapes and sizes. Candy usually seen at candy buffets includes gummies, lollipops, rock candy, gumballs, etc. Putting other items such as space-themed sugar cookies will also look great! Your earthling friends and family are going to flip out over your cute space-themed candy table. Remember to get a headcount of your guest to make sure you get the right amount of candy for all of your earthling guests to enjoy.

Intergalactic Space Princess Makeup

An intergalactic space princess plays up her eyes with stardust and the color of the galaxy. The best part about this theme is that you can be as simple or extra as you want with your space makeup!  Metallic-looking shades in colors such as purple, pink, and blue give out ultimate space babe vibes. Check out the following makeup looks for major space princess vibes.

Interstellar Quince Dresses

Your interstellar quince dress will be the talk of the galaxy for months to come. A darker color with glitter will make it seem as if you’re wearing the stars on your dress. Remember that it’s not just about how the dress looks! It’s super important to feel confident and comfortable in the dress that you choose to wear. Not feeling confident or comfortable will keep taking your attention away from your party!

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