Spring Quinceañera Ideas

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Below, you’ll find different spring quince decoration ideas that can transform a reception hall or a backyard into a unique atmosphere.

Pick your favorite and make your fiesta the event of the year!

Spring Dress Inspiration

When thinking of spring a light color dress sounds like the perfect dress for any theme you choose! This purple dress is not only light in color but super lightweight and easy to move around in. You will without a doubt be able to stay in this dress all night!

A Butterfly Quince

Butterflies are the ideal element for any spring celebration. In addition, butterflies represent the transformation of a caterpillar into a wonderful butterfly. Perfect for your coming-of-age Quince moment, right?

You can use different butterflies or choose one color in particular and add flowers to complement your theme.

A Floral Quinceañera

Tulips, pansies, lilies, and miniature roses are a few of your choices to decorate your Quince with flowers. The variety in color and type allows you to choose what best fits your personality. Consider something that goes with your dress and if possible use flowers as hair accessories. Other decorations that go with flowers are pots and wood picket fences.

Tea Party Quince

Inspired by the English and of course, Alice in Wonderland, this is a great way to decorate a VIP Quinceañera dinner. This concept is ideal for outdoor celebrations.

There are several shops offering this service for special occasions, however, they tend to be a bit pricey therefore we highly suggest you DIY look online for china and utensils to help create the perfect tea party!

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