Spring Quinceanera Themes 2016

Jazmin Alvarez

Spring…the fresh aroma of flowers in the air, the beautiful Easter colors, and the best climate of the year to plan a Quince bash!

Is Spring your favorite season of the year? Then we know just the way to make your Quince unforgettable with some of the hottest Spring themes of 2016!


Vintage was quite a popular theme this 2015 and it will continue to be this 2016! We love the striking pearl accessories, the delicate lace invitations, and the romantic flower decor that this theme brings to the table. Add an extra glow to your party by strategically placing candles and hanging lanterns around the venue.


The Spring welcomes beautiful roses, peonies, lilies and with it beautiful butterflies wandering around. Recreate this precious & refreshing environment at your quinceanera, which is perfect for quinceaneras wanting to add a little girly & playful look to the decor.


Are soft colors not your cup of tea? Opt in for something boldly fab like pink & yellow. Throw in chevron-patterned decor if you’re a true fashionista.


We bet you’ve never heard of this combo before! The cool hues of serenity and the delicate tone of the rose quartz makes this a gorgeous combination. In fact, Patone has chosen them as the colors of 2016! Be the first of your friends to celebrate a quinceanera bash with these cute colors.


We all know pastel colors are popular in the Spring and the ultimate combination is mint green & pink! These two colors are symbolic for the Spring (fresh blooms and greenery). Mint green is a soft shade that beautifully contrasts with light pink and gold. The decor options for your quince are endless!


Thinking about lavender for one of your quince colors? Instead of combining it with the usual white, add a complimentary pop of color by choosing mint green. You can easily use mason jars to DIY your decor, check out our step-by-step tutorials HERE!


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