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Spring Quinceanera Trends

Yoana Estrada

The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and the sun is shining.

There’s no doubt that planning a spring quinceanera can be a lot of fun! So, spring into action and hop on these spring 2022 quince trends. Also, check out the trends that our Instagram community has seen on the streets. Want to join the conversation? Follow us @quinceanera.

Bedazzled quince kicks

Quinceaneras start the day by walking around with flat shoes. It’s not until the changing of shoe ceremony that the flats are switched out for heels. This tradition symbolizes the quinceanera’s transition into a young lady. Vans and Converse are the ideal shoes for this situation.


Colorful headpieces

Quinceanera celebrations are filled with many religious customs and traditions. For example, quince girls wearing crowns. The quinceaneras crown is blessed by a priest and it represents being a daughter of God. 


Quince bears

Traditionally, quinceaneras receive their last doll from their father on the day of their quince. Although, it’s becoming more common for quince girls to receive an adorable teddy bear with a matching dress.


Blinged out bouquets

A quinceanera bouquet is very similar to that of a wedding bouquet. The difference is that the quinceanera is renewing her vows before God and not getting married! Check out these gorgeous bouquets from Rosy’s Bridal that are perfect for the springtime!

Floral embroidered gowns

Also, consider wearing light colors when celebrating a springtime quinceanera. The best dress colors to use for a springtime quinceanera are on the lighter side. Also, consider getting a dress with floral embroidery for the ultimate spring vibes.


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