New Beginnings, flowers and playful colors… A spring themed quinceañera!

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Celebrate your quince with a spring theme to portray your new beginning as a responsible, graceful young lady.  Spring into the season with pastel colors and flowery decor!

spring-xvThe Decor!

Think fresh, new beginnings and bright colours… and you have spring! Whether your quinceanera falls in the spring or not, this theme is perfect if you want to recreate something fresh and floral. Pastel colours work well for a spring theme but don’t be afraid to go vibrant, its all about color! New budding flowers and touches of greenery are perfect for a simplistic centerpiece. In fact, flowers should make up the majority of your decor. Nothing says spring like flowers.


Gorgeous flower and butterfly centerpieces! Photo property of via


The Dress!

Your dress can either be bright or pastel. A vibrant green can work well if most of your decorations are pastel. It emphasizes all the new growth of Spring and you’ll definitely be the center of attention!  Your look should be simple and fresh. Flower accents are also a great choice! Use flowers in your hairstyle for the ultimate spring look. Browse through some of these gorgeous gowns, to inspire your spring quince dress!


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The Cake!

Going for pastel colours for your cake is a good idea. Decorate with flowers or butterflies; both give a great representation of spring. If you are going for cupcakes, why not ice them to look like roses. You can use pale pink, purple and yellow icing and display in a cupcake stand. You’ll have created your very own edible rose bush! If you are going for a tiered design, keep things fresh and elegant with flowers growing up each of the tiers.


Pastel colored cake!



…And the cupcakes to match!

The Invitations!

When sending out invitations, again, flowers and butterflies are perfect for a spring theme! A very simple but beautiful design would be to use plain white card and tie a pastel ribbon around it. Tread a single pink rose into the ribbon as a finishing touch. If you want to keep things really simple, use pastel coloured card and cut into the shape of a butterfly. Add glitter and ribbon for a little more excitement. Or maybe spray your invites with a fresh spring scent for the ultimate finishing touch!


Simple and elegant spring invitations!


Finishing Touches!

There are so many beautiful ideas for a Spring-themed quinceanera. We have narrowed it down to our top three: Add scented candles to your tables for a beautiful and sensual touch. Sprinkle rose petals down the sides of your entrance walkway or create a secret garden style theme with flowers and leaves growing up the walls. Put butterflies on pieces of wire and incorporate it into your table decorations. Make it look as if they are flying out of the centerpiece!

flower wall

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