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Step into the Barbie Dreamhouse at your Quince

By salmam

In honor of National Pink Day, let’s dive into a Barbie-themed Quinceanera! If you love pink and all things glamorous, then this Barbie dreamhouse is one that you should consider.

This theme will give you an excuse to dress up like Barbie. Here are some ideas of how you can make this Barbie-themed Quince your own.

Glam and Hair

For glam, this collab with PUR cosmetics is perfect because it has pink-colored eyeshadow and blush. To get the look, it’s important to have pink eyeshadow, exaggerated eyelashes, and iconic pink gloss to finish the look off. You do not have to be blonde to get a Barbie hairstyle. It wouldn’t be Barbie if there wasn’t a high ponytail or nice big curls


Now let’s talk about photoshoots. Show off your confidence and character through the screen just as Barbie does. Channel her confident attitude into yourself. One great thing about choosing this theme is that she is known for her outfit changes. So, it’s important to have several looks throughout your Quinceanera photoshoot.

Quinceanera Dress

Get a quinceanera dress that will have you looking pretty in pink. Pink is essential for your quinceanera theme because she is always wearing pink. Luckily, you have many choices to choose from since there is a variety of pink shades such as hot pink, pastel pink, or rose-gold. 

Dreamhouse Party Venue 

Your venue can have your guest feeling like they just stepped into Barbie’s dreamhouse. Surrounded in pink, glitter, balloons galore, and clear accents will bring the party together. 

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