Summer Quinceanera Trends You Must Follow

Jocelyn Pasillas

Spring is now over, you know what that means! Summer is here!

summer quinceanera trends you must followMake sure to stay updated with the newest summer quinceanera trends that will help you better prepare you and your Quince.

DRONES seem to be the new go-to when it comes down to the advancements of photography & videography!

Why not stay up to date with the picture perfect memories you can always look back at?

Floral walls are a must!

Whether you’ll be using your floral wall as a photo backdrop, as a backdrop for your main table, or to decorate your dessert table, it’s a must to have a wall up! More is better and that applies to the amount of flowers you’ll be using to create your eye-catching floral wall!

Glitter never seems to get old!

By the looks of it, there’s simply no such thing as too much glitter.

Nowadays we seem to obsess maybe just a teeny tiny bit on where we apply glitter, but truth is it makes us look just as FAB!

Lets dazzle in sparkles and shine even brighter at the dance floor!

Have you maybe considered doing something extravagant and unexpected?

Well maybe your Quince is just the time or place to do it. Why not be bold and cut your hair for a new trending look?

Join the #shorthairdontcare crew and ‘wow’ your guests!

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