The Perfect Autumn Quinceanera You’ll Fall For

Jocelyn Pasillas

Fall head over heels with an autumn Quinceanera and its mixture of tones!

Who doesn’t love fall and the heart-warming joy it brings to all of us this time of year? (Plus… pumpkin spice E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!!)

For all the chicas who are planning their Quince this time of year, get ready to be amazed by these star-gazing tones, we have nothing but the perfect kind of seasonal colors you can pair for your quince.

Choose from your favorite fall color palette to flaunt not only to your guests but yourself as well…

A Rustic Touch to your Quince

With soft shades that pair perfect with the mellow season. Who knew dusty colors would look so good together. LOL


Red Tones to Match the Fall Leaves

Be bold with dark shades that will make you slay!

A Little Bit of Sunshine

Match the colors of sunflowers to guarantee your guests a welcoming feeling when stepping into your venue.

Steal Your Guests Attention with Teal & Orange

An underrated combination that will surprise even you when put together, now imagine your guests’ reactions…

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Jocelyn Pasillas

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