The Perfect Carnival Theme Quinceanera Accessories

Alexa DLT

Who doesn’t love carnivals? To pull off a carnival theme quince, you need to go above and beyond with your carnival decor!

Implement lollipops, cotton-candy, and Fairy-go-round accessories into your carnival quince outfit.


These awe-inspiring rainbow shades and carnival inspired accessories will tie together your carnival theme Quinceanera and have your guests frolicking across a brightly-lit carnival decked hall with hearts full of joy and laughter. Wear multi-colored eye candy to your party that will make your event the most memorable quince ever.

These carnival theme shoes are ready to come out and play. Not for the faint of heart.

Just because you won’t have a real merry go round at your quinceanera doesn’t mean your guests can’t have fun.

Lollipop necklaces, soda pop earrings, and candy-cane chokers are perfect for your carnival theme quinceanera.

Here are some more mouth-watering candy-inspired accessories for your carnival theme quince.

Add a fun pop of color to your makeup to complement your carnival theme quinceanera outfit. Check out these carnival-inspired makeup items.

Remember to avoid looking like a clown apply these colors with a light hand. We also recommend to not overdo your makeup by applying mutli-colored lipstick with a multi-colored eye look. If you choose to wear colorful eyeshadow, tone down on your blush and lips, vice versa. Mobile App

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