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The Perfect, Patriotic Fourth of July Themed Quinceanera

Yoana Estrada

Happy birthday America and happy birthday to all the June/July Quinceanera out there too! What a privilege to share a birthday with our great nation the U.S of A.


Having a Quinceanera in the summer means being able to have the perfect patriotic-themed Quince. Having a fourth of July theme also gives you an advantage in deciding if you want an indoor or outdoor event. Keep reading for more tips and tricks to consider when it comes to throwing the perfect red, white, and blue Quinceanera bash.


Oh, Say Can You Eat?!

Fun fact! Americans eat about 150 million hotdogs each year on the Fourth of July according to the Insider website. Hotdogs are of course a staple at any 4th of July event but we don’t have to take part in any crazy hotdog eating contest. Consider serving grilled flank Steak with lemon-herb sauce, baked mac-and-cheese bites, and avocado potato salad. All these delicious foods would all go down perfectly with refreshing lemonade or an all-American infused berry water.

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All American Cakes

It’s going to be a heck of a party in the U.S.A with these gorgeous red, white, and blue cakes at your Quinceanera. Consider getting sparkler candles to give your cake that extra Fourth of July pizazz!  It would also be a great idea to have an all-American apple pie in the case that our guests want a little something extra.


Cause Baby, You’re a Firework!

Leave your guest in awe with a fireworks display surprise!  Big fireworks that project to the sky are illegal to pop in California unless you have a special display license. So we are sticking to the legal and cute options for our event. A fun way to incorporate fireworks is to have them light up during your waltz or surprise dance. Also, consider having sparklers for your guest to light up at the end of the night.

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The Perfect Red, White, and Blue Dress for you!

A patriotic quince doesn’t mean that we have to be decked out in red, white, and blue from head to toe. Having a dress that is one solid color should do the trick! Unless you want to have all three colors. Then knock yourself out! Consider taking inspiration from these beautiful red, white, and blue dresses.

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