Reusable Quinceanera Centerpieces Ideas You’ll Love

Alicia Monsalve

The best way to get your money’s worth is to purchase reusable Quinceanera centerpieces your guests can take home rather than throw away. 

Keep in mind that the centerpieces represent your Quince theme, taste and personality.

Here are some ideas for practical, durable and gorgeous centerpieces:

Potted Plants

Whether you pick beautiful orchids, tulips, succulents, a bonsai, pots of aromatic herbs or any other plant species, using these are centerpieces will make you and your guests happy as they can take it home with them as a remembrance of your party.

Decorative Objects

These substitute natural flowers and bring a special spark to your celebration. From a candle to a lamp, cute bottles, a mirror, a portrait, a small jeweler, a statue, a ceramic vase, or even a small cage with a fake bird inside.

Edible decorations

Cake pops, fruits, candy and cookies can serve as delicious centerpieces that will surely delight your guests’ palates.

What’s best is that you can personalize your order with the theme and colors of your Quinceanera.



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