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Tips on how to put together a Backyard Quince Party

Elizabeth de la Torre

Break out the barbeque, season the carne asada, and set your backyard as your Quince party location for a summer themed Quince! Great for those on a budget, make your backyard the ideal place for your creativity to run free as you decorate for a summer celebration.

Making the backyard your turf for your Quince will not only save you money, but will also save you time.

Rather than searching for other expensive Quince venues out there, you’ll be able to add memories to your own home. This will help to personalize the occasion with sentiment towards the Quince venue – your home.

mint green and coral quinceañera theme

mint green and coral quinceañera theme


Where do you start?

With some creativity, DIY detailing, and of course time to prepare, you can get you on your way to making your backyard the perfect Quince setting. Surely, these ideas will also save some bucks in sticking to your Quince budget.

Does this Mean Backyard Food?

Just because you choose your backyard as your Quince party location, doesn’t mean you have to somehow sacrifice good food. Barbeques are always fun and interactive ways to make meals, but not for large groups of people. For some interesting ideas on what else to cook and serve at your Quince, Pinterest again has the answer! If you plan to have a small Quince then perhaps some carne asada would be appreciated! Also, catering works just as fine.

Keep it Simple with DIY Decor Ideas!

Stick to the theme of rustic décor made with little stress! Cut things out and make paper decorations to adorn the fence, house, tables, and even plants.  Just make sure everything is well-light with hanging Christmas lights and simple lanterns to make your yard light up once nighttime comes. Let both our Pinterest followers and our tips inspire you for some great Quince party ideas. These tips can show you how to easily make your backyard a great Quince party location! App

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