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Everyone knows the tried and true Quince theme ideas of Victorian romanticism,  ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and masquerade. Why don’t you shake up the usual Quince theme trend and be a trailblazer with some international style? Here is the first in a three-part series on Quince themes based around international travel destinations.

Hop on board to see some ideas to make your Quince party a luscious Thai experience.

1) Luxurious Linens

One of the tell-tale signs of Thailand are the silk linens with intricate threaded designs. Cover your tables in rich silk fabrics in vibrant colors such as fuchsia, orange and purple.

2) Bubbly Teas

Do you want to give your guests a refreshing treat to sip on while taking a break from the dance floor? Have some boba tea and milk slushees catered to your party for an icy cool drink to cool everyone down!

3) Exotic Floral Centerpieces, perfectly unique for a Thai Quince theme

Thailand is known for its ambrosial flowers, such as stunning orchids. Let the natural beauty of a fresh orchid plant do the talking for your Quince centerpieces. Arrange a large orchid plant in a vivid purple or yellow color in an intricate vase with an Asian design. Finally, place small pieces of moss around the vases for a rustic effect to your centerpieces.

4) Light Up the Night

Traditionally, Thai lanterns are made with a bamboo frame and oiled rice paper. Do a modern take on this ancient tradition by stringing paper lanterns around your Quince venue. You can also put small twinkle lights inside of the lanterns to lend an enchanting aura to your party.

5) Delectable Thai Delicacies

Ditch the baked chicken and mashed potatoes served at traditional banquet halls in favor of Pad Thai, pineapple fried rice and Thai red chicken curry. Find out how to plan a full-fledged Thai menu for your Quince party here.

With all of these ideas, you’re guests will feel they are celebrating your big birthday bash in Bangkok!


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