Victorian Class & Grace Quince Celebration

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The Victorian era exemplifies sophistication, class, and grace. It is quite dainty in nature.

It is filled with old-world elegance. You will find fine china, lace, doilies, etc. Quite often it is associated with a garden or high tea parties. Ornate candelabras, candlesticks luxurious flowers and touches of lace adorn tabletops.

Venue: Pasadena City Hall

Dress & Accessories:  Moda 2000

Hair & Makeup:  Sexy Makeup Studio

An antique candelabra centerpiece is a great way to accent and add character to your tabletop. Make an impression with this beautiful multifunctional and versatile centerpiece.  It can be used with candles or with luxurious florals.  Did you know that candelabras can also be a cost-efficient centerpiece?  They make great alternatives to taller floral centerpieces.  Candles are an essential element of the Victorian era and are also an additional source of lighting.

Centerpiece:  Opulent Treasure

Strolling musicians would be an amazing addition to your Victorian quinceañera.  The Victorian era was known for musical evenings.  It was a balance of vocals and instruments.  Having a live musician is a delightful surprise element of entertainment for guests to enjoy during dinner service.  Music has long been known to be the “medicine of the mind.” In many studies, music has decreased stress hormones and respiratory rate.

Strolling Violinist: OMG Ocdamia Music Group

Tablescapes are another great way to bring your Victorian theme to life.  What is a tablescape you ask?  A tablescape is tabletop arrangements and centerpieces that adorn the center of a table.  It typically sets the mood for an entire event.  It involves scales, color, and textures.  You can incorporate the theme and also tie in the season if you choose.  It is a work of art that highlights and brings to life the design concept.

Tablescape: Grace Song of Charis Events & Design

Lounge areas are always popular at events. Lounge furniture creates an oasis for your guests to gather in a relaxed and informal setting.  It is another way to bring comfort to many.  It can also serve as a photo opp area for guests as they come into your quinceañera. Regardless of how you set up your quinceañera, there are so many ways to tie in the theme!


Victorian Antique Lounge Furniture:  Etablir Shop

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