A Vintage Quinceanera Theme For a Classy Girl

Itsia Vanegas

A Vintage Quinceanera theme would be classic and romantic. Vintage styles are synonymous with exclusivity and handcraft. It is a look of pastel colors, lace, cameos, velvet strips, pearls, glamorous hairdos with wild flowers, and delicate details which evoke an epoch of femininity.

Keep these quince tips handy when trying to have a  vintage Quinceanera theme.

Wear a vintage dress

Light colored dresses with details like ribbons, satin buttons, and laces work great to achieve this look. Feel free to modernize your vintage look. You can obtain that romantic vintage look with some accessories. For instance, a pair of lace-like gloves, small pearls or earrings with tiny diamonds will give you that romantic look that you are looking for. 


Dress up your feet

A vintage outfit includes every detail. For your special day you can wear a pair of sandals or high-heels that are not too flashy. These will help you look elegant.


Decorations with a vintage touch

Nowadays, candy tables are great novelties to add as Quinceanera decorations. They allow you to be creative while watching your budget. Macaroons and a white vintage cake with natural roses in different pink colors would serve this vintage Quinceanera theme goal. 

Flowers and knitted table cloths are must

Use teacups as your Quinceanera centerpieces with wild flowers and pink details. In addition to being a romantic and elegant touch, these decorations can also work as souvenirs for your guests.

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