Theme Ideas for a Vintage Look

Elizabeth de la Torre

When hearing the term, “vintage themed quinceañera,” a variety of theme ideas come up.

You see, there is no single definition of vintage clothing. The term’s meaning has rapidly evolved within the last 15 years and continues to change.

Then what does “vintage” really mean?

The word “vintage,” as applied to clothing, can apply to anything as old as the early 1900s to the 1980s. More specifically the term seems to have been used in describing people with a particular love for the styles of the mid 20th century, say 1920-1960. But those people need never to have been near an actual piece of vintage clothing in their life. In fact their wardrobes could be entirely filled with Topshop, and other vintage-repro items. However, over the last few years “vintage” seems to have entered modern vocabulary as a term to describe a subculture of fashion styles. Stores like Free People, American Apparel, Topshop, Etsy, and Urban Outfitters among others sell excellent sources of “vintage” clothing within the terms of contemporary opinion.

Therefore, do not assume that theme ideas concerning a vintage quinceañera would be too boring or old fashioned for you to consider.


To be vintage just means you need to be both simple and stylish.

Both self-defined and defined by contemporary opinion, “vintage” describes classy trends of clothing styles that can more-so appear as casual as the pictures in the gallery below while stile retaining an aurora of elegance.

Do your research on the clothing of different eras till you find which era suits you. In doing so, you’ll discover for yourself the temptation of going vintage for both your quinceañera and life!

Theme ideas meant to mimic a vintage look is a great way to assert uniqueness and personality. There is a certain intriguing aurora relating to vintage clothing. Simple but clean-cut looks to modern day clothing is what vintage clothing boasts. Also, vintage clothing makes a statement as to what kind of personality one has. It’s as if modern day flaunters of vintage style clothing choose to where what they wear because they want to know all about the clothes they wear, how they were made; why were they were made; and why they were worn. Vintage enriched clothing mixes flirtation with fashion by demanding a double-take from people who at first-glance notice its’ uniqueness and at second-glance appreciate its’ elegant clean-cut look.

For more info on theme ideas achieving a vintage look, click here: Go Vintage! Remember, a true vintage look suggests that your theme ideas affect other aspects of your party besides your quinceañera dress, such as your quinceañera decorations, bouquet, makeup, and etc. What’s more tempting is that a vintage themed quinceañera is probably one of the cheaper options as far as quinceañera theme ideas go. This is because the term “vintage” refers to a lifestyle of simplicity and humility. Thus, no flashy huge venue is necessary and not too many decorations is needed. Ideas on venue locations would instead include a park, an old building, or even out in the backyard. Vintage themed decorations would not need to include flash bold colors or be in such abundance as for any alternate quinceañera theme because simplicity above all else is the key to a vintage quinceañera.

Use the pictures below for makeup, accessory, and dress inspirations to better achieve theme ideas concerning your desired vintage look.

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