Watch out for These Quinceanera Winter Trends

Jazmin Alvarez

Baby it’s cold outside! Celebrating a winter wonderland quinceanera this winter? Let your mind snow with bright ideas!

Curl up with a warm peppermint coffee and inspire yourself with the latest Quince winter trends that’ll surely make your day magical…


Finding fresh flowers at a low cost this winter will be a difficult task to accomplish. Instead choose much cheaper and trendy alternatives such as candles, branches with adornments, candy kisses, and even balloons as centerpieces or to place around your venue.

You’re in luck if your venue has high chandeliers as the glassware and lights will add to the holiday spirit. In addition to chandeliers, Christmas lights across the ceiling will give your guests the illusion of the breathtaking view of the bright stars up above.


Up-lighting in the form of snowflakes will creatively illuminate your dance floor just enough so your guests feel the dancing hype. You can also easily display these beautiful designs against the walls to transform the venue space.


Move away from strapless dresses and experiment with an elegant quinceanera dress with embellished or glitzy straps or even a high neck. If you already purchased a strapless dress, you may add a sheer coat for a high class style plus it’ll keep you warm. Scroll through the frosty designs we recommend that will sure stop a blizzard this season:

Speaking of your look, your hairstyle is an important component! Instead of long flowy locks, this year’s trend calls for something that accentuates your facial features and makeup – a formal up-do or a side braid just like Elsa from “Frozen.” Complete your style with a pair of long sparkly earrings.


You thought unusual shapes and fondant frosting were amazing creations but wait til you hear about the new Quince cake trend this winter: LED lights! Imagine dimming the lights and carefully cutting each layer of your glowing cake – now that’s a shot to capture and remember.

To complete your cake you can order blue or red velvet, whichever color matches your theme. Yes, blue velvet finally exists! For your cupcakes, you can decorate them with all your favorite holiday icons, such as snowflakes, snow mans, and Christmas trees.

It’s time to think outside the box and offer your guests something different that’ll quickly warm them up. We all love Smore’s! The white marshmallows contrasting with the brown crackers and melted chocolate will satisfy any sweet tooth this winter.

If your taste buds aren’t craving smore’s opt in for a hot cocoa bar! Aren’t you glad it exists?! Are your tias on a diet? Rent a chocolate fountain to dip a wide variety of fresh fruit but instead of regular milk chocolate choose white chocolate, which will contrast beautifully with your bright red strawberries.


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